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Build Websites That Turn Browsers Into Buyers.

Zealous, an creative website design agency in Australia, is committed in designing visually attractive digital experiences that connect with your audience and provide practical results. Our team of highly competent website designers is driven by passion for creating one-of-a-kind website designs that are tailored to your exact needs.

At Zealous, we believe that your website’s design should reflect the uniqueness of your brand. That’s precisely why we are dedicated to create custom website designs that capture the very essence of your business. Our aim is not just to create visually striking websites, but to develop an invaluable tool that drives the growth and prosperity of your enterprise.

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Our Expertise in Website Design Services

Make your first impression meaningful.

  • Zealous ensures simplicity and fast loading times in static website designs, maintaining a clean and efficient layout.
  • We prioritize intuitive navigation structures to help users easily access the information they seek.
  • Our static websites are designed to be mobile-responsive, delivering a consistent and user-friendly experience across all devices in Australia.
  • Zealous uses optimized images and graphics to enhance visual appeal without sacrificing loading speed.
  • Effective content presentation is our focus, organizing content logically and using clear typography and formatting to ensure information is easily digestible for Australian audiences.
Static Website design
  • Zealous seamlessly integrates databases for dynamic websites, ensuring real-time updates and interactivity in Australia.
  • We incorporate user-friendly CMS solutions, allowing clients to manage website content with ease.
  • Zealous designs interactive elements to boost user engagement, including comment sections, user accounts, and dynamic forms for Australian users.
  • Our dynamic website architecture is built for scalability, capable of handling increasing traffic and content without performance issues in Australia.
  • Zealous implements robust security measures to safeguard dynamic websites against potential threats in Australia.
Dynamic Website design
  • Our enterprise website designs align with corporate branding guidelines, ensuring consistent color schemes, logos, and typography for Australian businesses.
  • We develop clear content hierarchies to cater to diverse audiences, from clients and partners to potential employees in Australia.
  • Zealous provides seamless e-commerce integration, offering payment gateways and product catalogs designed for large-scale enterprise operations in Australia.
  • We ensure that enterprise websites comply with accessibility standards and legal requirements, including GDPR, to serve a global audience while safeguarding user data in Australia.
  • Zealous implements advanced analytics tools and tracking mechanisms to monitor website performance, user behavior, and ROI for continuous improvement in Australia.
Enterprise Website design

Our Bespoke Website Design Services

Ridiculously good designs to make users stick around.

Custom Website Design

Custom Website Design

Our website design agency specializes in creating unique and tailored website designs that match the brand identity and specific requirements of a business.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

As a leading website design company, we ensures that websites are accessible and visually appealing on various devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones, by implementing responsive design techniques.

eCommerce Website Design

Designing and developing bespoke e-commerce websites and online marketplaces, optimizing the user experience for customers and integrating secure payment gateways, as part of our comprehensive website design services.

Website Redesign

Website Redesign

Enhance and modernize your existing websites with our website design services, elevating their aesthetics, functionality, and user experience. Our expertise in revamping and updating websites is invaluable for ensuring they remain current and competitive in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

SEO Friendly website Design

SEO-Friendly Design

We, as a professional website design agency, offer services for designing websites with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind. Mention your ability to structure websites with clean code, optimize images, and create SEO-friendly content to improve search engine rankings.

CMS Integration

Content Management System (CMS) Integration

Empower your business with user-friendly CMS integration with our website design company. Simplify content management on platforms like WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla without the need for technical expertise.

Our Tech Expertise As a Web Design Agency

Reimagine what's possible with our creative technology stack.

  • ar-vr


  • iBeacon


  • IoT


  • Wearable


  • AI

    Artificial Intelligence

  • chatbot


  • Adobe Photoshop

    Adobe Photoshop

  • adobe-xd

    Adobe XD

  • Illustrator


  • sketch


  • mysql


  • mongo-db


  • mssql

    MS SQL

  • postgresql


  • firebase


Process We Follow as a Top Website Design Company

Innovative. User-centric. Game-changing.


Scope Analysis Process

  • Requirement Gathering
  • Detailed Scope Documentation
  • Wireframes
  • Technical Feasibility

Sprint Planning & Execution

  • Sprint Planning
  • Daily Standup Meeting
  • Designing & Development
  • Testing & Stage/Dev Deployment

UAT & Release

  • UAT Feedback & Bug Resolution
  • Deliver Well-crafted software
  • Deploy All Assets and Code


  • Knowledge Transfer to Client Team
  • Contract Based Support
  • Release Notes/User Manuals (If applicable)

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Our expertise- As versatile as a Swiss Army Knife




Our custom software solutions are designed to optimize mining operations, enhancing safety, efficiency, and resource management.

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POS Software

We offer custom POS software solutions for all industries, ensuring seamless transactions, real-time insights, and unmatched efficiency.

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Travel & Hospitality

Our software solutions cater to the travel and hospitality industry, streamlining reservations, guest services, and operational efficiency.

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We provide custom software for financial institutions, ensuring secure transactions, data analysis, and regulatory compliance.

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Our specialized healthcare software enhances patient care and administrative processes while maintaining data security and supporting telemedicine.

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Property Management

We develop custom property management software to streamline real estate operations, including property listings, CRM, and property valuation.

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Shipping, Logistics & Transportation

Our software solutions optimize logistics and transportation, improving route planning, cargo tracking, and supply chain management.

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We offer software solutions to enhance sports management, performance analysis, event organization, and fan engagement, contributing to a comprehensive sports experience in various domains.

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Why Zealous As A Top Website Design Agency?

Zealous stands out as a top website design agency due to our innovative and customized web solutions tailored to your brand's unique needs. Here are the key reasons to choose Zealous for experienced team, quality services, customer satisfaction, cost-effective solutions, Agile development methodology, timely delivery and much more.

Expert Team

Our website design agency comprises a skilled team of designers and developers adept at creating dynamic and engaging digital experiences, setting us apart as a leading name in the industry.

Customized Solutions

As a top website design company, we offer tailored services to meet your specific needs, ensuring bespoke website design services that align with your brand’s unique requirements.

Responsive Designs

Our commitment to being the best website design company is reflected in our creation of responsive designs that seamlessly adapt to various devices, enhancing user experience across all platforms.

SEO Optimization

With a deep understanding of SEO principles, our bespoke website design services are optimized to improve your website’s visibility, ranking you higher in search engine results.

Cutting-edge Technologies

We stay ahead of the curve by utilizing the latest technologies, ensuring that our website design company remains at the forefront of innovation in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

User-Centric Approach

At Zealous, we prioritize user-centric design, guaranteeing that every element of our website design agency’s work is geared towards enhancing user engagement and satisfaction.

Streamlined Processes

Our best website design company is known for its streamlined processes, ensuring efficient project management and timely delivery of high-quality, error-free websites.

Ongoing Support

We provide comprehensive post-launch support, demonstrating our commitment to being the best website design company and ensuring that your website continues to operate smoothly and effectively.

So that's us.There is no other way to put it.

Our Happy Clients

What Client's Say?

I have used Zealous for several of my projects, I have found the team to be very professional yet personable. When I work with Zealous, I know I am getting the best developers who understand my requirements before they start.

Andrew Arlington

Andrew Arlington

Sales Director at Digital Dilemma

I was retained by a client as a Software and Cloud Architect to support internal and customer-facing products. The client had existing mobile apps of poor quality built by another provider.

Andrew Arlington

john bentley, II

CTO at 10XTS

From day-1 Pranjal and his team have been very good at delivering quality work on time to budget. They are dynamic, if resources need to be shuffled around depending on what work needs to be done.

Andrew Arlington

Graham Bradford

Senior Product Manager at Ecentric Payment Systems Driving

Frequently Asked Questions

We built strategies before development that work just for you.

What sets Zealous apart from other website design agencies in Australia?

At Zealous, we distinguish ourselves through our commitment to innovative design solutions tailored to each client’s specific requirements, ensuring a personalized approach that yields exceptional results.

How long does it take to create a custom website with Zealous?

The timeline for developing a bespoke website with us depends on the complexity of the project and your specific requirements. However, we strive to deliver high-quality, fully functional websites within a reasonable timeframe, ensuring efficient delivery without compromising on quality.

Can Zealous help with search engine optimization (SEO) for my website?

Absolutely, our services extend beyond website design. We offer comprehensive SEO strategies that can enhance your website’s visibility and improve its search engine rankings, driving increased organic traffic and potential leads to your business.

What types of businesses does Zealous work with?

Our website design agency collaborates with businesses of all sizes and industries, including startups, SMEs, and large enterprises. We have experience working across various sectors, including but not limited to e-commerce, healthcare, education, and finance.

Does Zealous provide ongoing support and maintenance after the website is launched?

Yes, we offer continuous support and maintenance services to ensure that your website functions seamlessly and remains up-to-date with the latest technological advancements. Our dedicated team is always available to address any issues or concerns that may arise post-launch.

How much does it cost to hire Zealous for website design services in Australia?

Our pricing is tailored to each project’s specific requirements, taking into account factors such as complexity, features, and customization. We offer transparent pricing models and ensure that our services provide excellent value for your investment.

Can Zealous help in creating e-commerce websites for businesses in Australia?

Absolutely, we specialize in creating dynamic and user-friendly e-commerce websites that facilitate seamless online transactions and enhance the overall shopping experience for your customers. Our expertise ensures that your e-commerce platform is secure, scalable, and optimized for maximum conversions.

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