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Top 7 Appointment Booking Plugins for WordPress Websites in 2024


Organizing your appointment booking procedure may transform your business. Allowing clients to schedule directly from your website saves time, improves the customer experience, and increases efficiency.

However, with so many appointment booking plugins available for WordPress, selecting the appropriate one might be difficult.

Let’s explore the top 7 appointment booking plugins for wordpress websites, highlighting their strengths and guiding you towards the perfect fit for your needs.

Best Appointment Booking Plugins for WordPress Websites

1. Amelia

Amelia Appointment Booking Plugin

Best for: Multi-site, multi-service businesses

Amelia‘s adaptability makes it stand out. It serves companies who provide a wide range of services at several different locations. Organizing appointments is made simple with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.


  • Powerful features like online payments, automated reminders, and Google Calendar sync.
  • Customizable forms and booking workflows.
  • Staff management tools with separate dashboards.


  • The free version offers limited features.

2. Booking Calendar

Booking Calendar Appointment Booking Plugin

Best for: Accommodation availability

If your business revolves around booking appointments for rentals or accommodations, Booking Calendar is a strong plugin. It smoothly integrates with popular property management platforms like Airbnb and Booking.com.


  • Visually appealing calendar interface for easy booking management.
  • Synchronization with various calendar platforms.
  • Integrates with popular payment gateways.


  • It lacks some advanced features found in other plugins, like staff management.

3. BookingPress

Booking Press Appointment Booking Plugin

Best for: Businesses with separate staff and manager needs

BookingPress caters to businesses with distinct staff and management requirements. It provides separate dashboards for both, allowing for efficient role-based appointment handling.


  • Comprehensive features like coupons, group bookings, and waiting lists.
  • Detailed reporting and analytics.
  • Separate staff and manager interfaces.


  • Steeper learning curve compared to simpler plugins.

4. MotoPress Appointment Booking

Motopress Appointment Booking Plugin

Best for: Service businesses

MotoPress Appointment Booking caters specifically to service-based businesses. It simplifies scheduling for services like haircuts, consultations, or repairs.


  • Easy setup and an intuitive interface.
  • Integrates with popular payment processors.
  • Appointment buffer zones to prevent double bookings.


  • Feature sets may be limited for complex businesses.

5. WooCommerce Bookings

WooCommerce Booking Appointment Booking Plugin


Best for: Businesses already using WooCommerce for eCommerce

If you’re already running an online store with WooCommerce, WooCommerce Bookings is a perfect extension. It integrates perfectly with your existing product catalog, allowing customers to book appointments for services alongside physical products.


  • Convenient appointment booking system with recurring appointments feature.
  • Flexibility to set specific dates and times.


  • May require some familiarity with WooCommerce for optimal use.

6. Salon Booking System

Saloon Booking System

Best for: Salon-based businesses

Salon Booking System caters specifically to the needs of salons and spas. It allows for managing appointments for various stylists and services.


  • Features like client management and deposit handling.
  • Appointment scheduling for multiple stylists.
  • Integrates with point-of-sale systems.


  • Limited applicability outside the salon and spa industry.

7. Simply Schedule Appointments

Simply Schedule Appointments

Best for: Consultants and small businesses

Simply Schedule Appointments is a great option for consultants, coaches, and small businesses with simpler appointment needs.


  • It is incredibly easy to use and set up.
  • Clean interface for both clients and administrators.
  • Integrates with popular video conferencing tools like Zoom.


  • The feature set may be too basic for complex businesses.

Tips for Choosing the Right Plugin

The ideal appointment booking plugin depends on your specific needs. Consider factors like:

Business type: Does the plugin cater to your industry’s specific requirements?

Features: Does it offer the functionality you need, like online payments or staff management?

Scalability: Can it handle your current and future booking volumes?

Ease of use: How user-friendly is the interface for both you and your clients?


Appointment booking plugins can significantly enhance your workflow and client experience. By carefully evaluating your needs and exploring the options listed above, you can find the perfect solution to streamline your appointment scheduling and boost your business’s success.

However, if you require a more customized solution or complex integrations beyond the capabilities of a plugin, consider partnering with a reputable WordPress development company Australia. These specialists can tailor a booking system to your exact specifications, ensuring a smooth fit within your existing website and business processes.

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