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Transforming Construction Management for the Tech-Savvy Contractors with PocketQS

Multiple Calculators

Multiple Calculators

Compare Quotes

Compare Quotes

Pay With Credit Card

Pay With Credit Card

TPocketQS assists contractors, project managers, architects, and home improvers in sourcing suppliers and obtaining quotes, estimating quantities, and buying necessary products through the app.

  • The app simplifies the procurement process and enables users to compare quotes from different suppliers conveniently.
  • TPocketQS streamlines collaboration between construction professionals and suppliers by providing a single platform for procurement-related activities.
  • The application is transforming the construction industry by transforming the way professionals procure construction materials and interact with suppliers.
Unveiling The Purpose

Unveiling The Purpose

Despite the constant evolution of the construction industry, certain things remain unchanged. One of them is the need to manage equipment, quotes, and invoices from various sources. This can be a productivity impediment for construction managers when information is recorded on paper.

  • However, the use of mobile solutions can significantly enhance efficiency and speed up project timelines.
  • PocketQS modernizes the procurement process by enabling users to obtain quotes from multiple suppliers, calculate quantities, and place orders for required products.
  • This eliminates the need for recording and storing data in spreadsheets or on paper.

PocketQS App Features

  • Register

  • List Products

    List Products
  • Check Quote Status

    Check Quote Status
  • Receive Payments

    Receive Payments
  • Update Profile

    Update Profile

  • Submit Quotes

    Submit Quotes

  • Generate Invoice

    Generate Invoice

  • Sales Reports

    Sales Reports

  • Registration

  • Upload Projects

    Upload Projects
  • Import Calculators

    Import Calculators
  • Receive Job Requirements

    Receive Job Requirements
  • Update Profile

    Update Profile

  • Select Products

    Select Products

  • Compare Quotes

    Compare Quotes

  • Day-to-Day Updates

    Day-to-Day Updates

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